ALYac Android

For your smartphone security
ALYac Android

ALYac Android is a mobile security solution optimized for the latest Android OS.

  • Malicious file and package detection
  • Improve detection capability with real-time cloud server inquiry
  • Improve smartphone user environment with memory optimization
  • Real-time filteration and management of spam calls and text messages
  • Offer battery optimization mode by situation
  • Terminate unnecessary app which consumes battery
  • User experience considered UI, easy and convenient to use
  • Space saving by removing hidden unnecessary files

Malicious file and package detection
ALYac Android support Advanced Scan to clean malwares and optimized smartphone environment security with latest DB update.

Cloud Scan
ALYac Android inquiry app & files to the cloud server in real-time and take prompt action to the new threats. Secure your smartphone with enhanced detection capability.

Optimized for the latest Android OS
ALYac Android supports the latest Android OS, 2.3 ~ / 4.0 ~.

Battery Consuming App Check
You can check apps those are consuming battery excessively and terminate unnecessarily running apps to minimize battery consumption.

Intuitive and convenient UI
You can set main security features in main screen. And it will notify you by displaying “N” icon when latest DB update is completed or new app is installed.

One-touch Setting
You can apply setting for network connection management, ALYac update management, scheduled scan, real-time protection, spam number and keyword monitoring, Excluding numbers in contacts, and Rejecting blocked caller ID easily just with one touch.

Screen Resolution
Minimum : More than 3.7inch

Minimum : Android OS 2.3~ / 4.0~

The ALYac Android app provides an aesthetically pleasing user interface that is easy to use but still provides the protection you get from the more advanced apps. As well as malicious file and package detection and application scanning, it also helps filter spam and ensure that any apps that are downloaded and running remain safe to use.